Club Absolute Time share scam

The scam goes one of two ways

A: You are aproached by a european who asks you if you speak english. They then show you a scratchy card. If you are by yourself you will win the star prize. If you are a couple one will win a tee shirt the other a star prize. The star prize consists of an Ipad, $1000, a camera or a “Holiday” (by the way it is always a holiday they have never in 10 years of business ever given out one of the other prizes.)

To claim the prizes you have to suffer through a four hour high pressure sales presentation at the Sea Pearl hotel time share deck. You do get a non alcoholic drink though.

At the end you will be asked to purchase a 40 year membership in their club. Price will vary but for a full membership is about $7,000 up. You will be told lie after lie by the sales man who is desperate to make a deal to keep living there.

These people are all smiles but are in fact quite nasty types who prey on unsuspecting tourists. Do a google search on Club Absolute to read quite sad stories of people who have had their holidays ruined by them.

B: You are phone called at your hotel and offered a free breakfast. The rest follows the same routine as above.

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