Motorbike Scam:

This is a rather new scam, where the tourist hires a bike and when they park it outside the hotel for the night, it disappears. One of the people who let you rent the bike out for the night, has a spare key and goes out to the bike while you are sleeping and takes off with it. When you report it stolen to the police, they do nothing and you have to buy the scammers a brand new motorbike - regardless of how new or old the motorbike is. If you refuse to pay, you will more than likely be threatened with violence and as anyone who knows about Thailand, knows that you can't win a fight with anyone who is Thai, so you will have to pay up, or else. Oh and don't bother going to the police, as the cops don't care about a tourist, so you can't go to them for any help, otherwise you could end up paying them as well.

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